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·       Question: What is the ticket price to jump at Skyhigh Trampoline Park?

o   Answer: Our prices are different subject to time and day of the week. Please refer to the Pricing page on our website for prices.

·       Question: What does one ticket entitles the buyer to do at Skyhigh Trampoline Park?

o   Answer: One ticket entitles 1 person to jump in the trampoline court for 1 hour. If 2 persons want to jump for one hour, they have to buy two tickets. If 1 person wants to jump for 2 hours, then need to buy two tickets.

·       Question: Can I walk into Skyhigh Trampoline Park for jump without making an advance booking?

o   Answer: Yes, you can. However, please note that you may have to wait for the next session with available tickets (slots/spaces) if the running session at time of your arrival has reached the maximum capacity.

·       Question: Does the jumping session hour starts when I enter the jumping court after buying a ticket?

o   Answer: No. All jumping sessions start and finish at the fixed hourly intervals. For example, the first jumping session starts at 10am and finishes at 11am. If you buy a ticket for 10am session and come in to jump at 10:15am then your session will still finish at 11am.

·       Question: What is the maximum capacity in the jumping court at Skyhigh Trampoline Park?

o   Answer: We have a maximum capacity limit of 25 people in the jumping court in each public jumping session. This is to ensure that the court does not get crowded and everyone can jump safely.

·       Question: Is there a seating area where non jumping customers can sit and watch kids in the jumping court?

o   Answer: Yes, there is a seating area where non jumping customers can sit and see the people jumping in the jumping court.

·       Question: Do I need to buy a ticket to sit in the seating area?

o   Answer: No. There is no ticket required for sitting in the seating area. You need to buy ticket if you want to go in the jumping court.

·       Question: Is Skyhigh Trampoline Park fully air-conditioned?

o   Answer: No. There is no air-conditioning in the jumping court however the seating area is air conditioned.

·       Question: Is there WIFI at Skyhigh Trampoline Park?

o   Answer: Yes, you can use free WIFI at Skyhigh Trampoline Park.

·       Question: Is it compulsory for customers to buy and wear Skyhigh rubber grip socks?

o   Answer: All jumping customers must wear socks in the jumping court. However, it is not compulsory to buy and wear our grip socks. Customers can bring their own socks if they don’t want to buy Skyhigh socks.

·       Question: What is the price of Skyhigh grip socks?

o   Answer: Skyhigh grip socks are $3 a pair. Socks are available in three sizes and multiple colours.

·       Question: Do you have birthday party packages?

o   Answer: Yes, we do have private birthday party packages. Please contact us via info@skyhigh.com.sg & 9029 6317  for more details.

·       Question: How can I make an advance booking?

o   Answer: You can make an advance booking online by clicking on the ‘Booking’ tab on our website. On the Booking page, first select the date & session time by clicking on ‘Book Now’ button. Then you can choose the number of tickets (Slots) that you want to book. After that, enter you details and click on the ‘Continue’ button. You will see the Booking Summary page for your booking details. If all booking details are correct, then you can click on the booking T&C acknowledgement checkbox and then click on ‘Pay Now’ button. This will redirect you to our PayPal checkout page where you can make the payment for your booking from your PayPal account or a credit card.

·       Question: Can I make an advance booking without making a payment online?

o   Answer: Payment must be made online for a booking to be confirmed.

·       Question: How do I know if my payment and booking is confirmed?

o   Answer: Upon a successful payment for a booking, you will receive two emails to the email accounts that you have entered while making the online booking, 1. From PayPal for processing the payment and 2. From Skyhigh Trampoline Park for your booking confirmation.

·       Question: How long after the successful payment will I receive the confirmation email from Skyhigh Trampoline Park?

o   Answer: The email is auto generated at the time when the payment is made and you see the successful booking confirmation page on Skyhigh Trampoline Park. However sometime it can take 10-20 minutes for email to arrive in your email box. If you cannot locate in the inbox, kindly check your Spam / Junk folder. It is advised to contact us if you have not received the confirmation email within 30 mins of successful payment.

·       Question: Is there any minimum age limit to jump in the trampoline court?

o   Answer: There is no minimum age limit. However, children under 3 years must be accompanied by an adult in the jumping court. In this scenario, the child will jump for free but the accompanying adult will need to pay.

·       Question: Do the accompanying adults need to pay to jump in the court?

o   Answer: Yes, the accompanying adult will need to purchase the standard ticket to jump in the court with child under the age of 3 years.

·       Question: Is there shower facilities at Skyhigh Trampoline Park?

o   Answer: Yes, there are shower facilities in the common toilets in our compound.

·       Question: Is there a car park at Skyhigh Trampoline Park?  

            o   Answer: Yes, car park is right outside of Skyhigh Trampoline Park.

Important: All jumpers MUST sign a Skyhigh Waiver. Anyone under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or Legal Guardian.